At the heart of Catskill Waters are art projects and events that bring people together from different social circles, with the love for our land as the common thread, connecting with each other viscerally in shared experiences. Some are large events that involve months of planning and many individuals, while others are intimate and personal.

By art, we mean an opportunity to free our mind from the confines of everyday needs, making room for new ideas, new perspectives, new hope.

We in the Catskills are lucky to have healthy natural environment around us that offers similar experience, a state of being grateful and connected. In this state, everyone is an artist, a creator, a storyteller.

Our projects invite you to share your story and to join the movement of building strong local and regional communities as a backbone for our society.


Each project is different and organically developed out of the interaction and relationships among the artists, stakeholders, and community members. Artists themselves are members of the local community and this overlap makes their projects deep-rooted and multi-faceted.

Portraits and Stories
Stream on a Wall
Old Glenford Church Autumn Banquet
Catskill Waters Podcast