Will Lytle, a.k.a. Thorneater, is well-known for his portraits and illustration in local publications. What is not known as much is his talent as a mural artist.

Will Lytle and his interior mural at the Pines in Mt. Tremper

That is about to change. In a project called Catskill Waters, we are sponsoring a mural series depicting Little Beaver Kill and its inhabitants. Little Beaver Kill, from its source in Ohayo Mountain to where it joins Esopus on Rt.28 and Winnie Road, is one of the healthiest and most stable streams in the Ashokan watershed.

This project is a celebration of such a healthy ecosystem we are blessed to be part of, as well as a commitment to be its good stewards.

Will plans to create three medium size murals, each depicting one of three different sections—up, middle, and downstream—placed from west to east along Tinker Street and Mill Hill Road (see sketch above). They will be accompanied by wall tattoos (1 to 2 square foot miniature murals of plant and animal species of the LBK watershed), hosted by business and building owners of Woodstock.

Will envisions the path, if one were to follow the murals through town, to flow in “the directional progress one would take if they were ‘following the stream.’

A map for self-guided tour, both in print and as an app, will be produced. We’re also planning multiple events surrounding this project, such as panel discussions and workshops.

The murals and wall tattoos are produced in black paint over white ground, or any light-colored ground. Will’s delicate yet clear style would bring a cohesiveness to the whole series, adding to the unique aesthetic of Woodstock, without dominating the town.

We are also planning on using this project as a platform to bring together many voices. We are aware that Woodstock is not exactly an easy place to carry out a public project. We will be as open and transparent about the process as possible, and are planning an online forum to exchange thoughts and ideas.

The mural project is one of the five concurrent projects under operation in Catskill Waters including Catskill Waters podcast, is a story of our community, told by real people in real voices, of those whom we come to know through this platform. We’ll be documenting, recording, and interviewing the participants and stakeholders and feature them in our podcast, blog, and multiple social media channels.

Stream on the Wall, like its parent project Catskill Waters, is an evolving project in partnerships among NYC governments, local chamber of commerce, business owners, residents, artists, and visitors. We are part of the global movement to build strong local and regional communities as the backbone for a healthy society.

Stream on the Wall is made possible in part with funds from Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program, a project of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County and the Ulster County Soil & Water Conservation District, funded by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.