We are kicking off our season with Portraits and Stories with Jenny Lee Fowler. Jenny is known for her intricate paper-cut works. She will be available in 5 locations in the Catskills to cut out profile portraits of you while our podcast staff records your stories.

Jenny uses two sheets of paper, yielding two identical portraits; one goes to the sitter and she keeps the other, which she will use as a template for a larger, more complex body of work as part of our final exhibition. The stories will be archived in our online library and the library of Time and the Valley Museum, with a selection shared on our podcast.

Catskill Waters is a celebration of the spirit of the Catskills, a community of people with a deep connection to the land and an independent yet cooperative mind. As caretakers of the drinking water for 8 million people, our stories need to be told on the national stage. We hope you’ll share your stories and join the movement of building strong local communities as a backbone for our society.

Dates and Locations

To ensure your spot, please contact us in advance to reserve a time for your session.

  • Catskill Interpretive Center, June 23, 11am–4pm
  • Blue Hole, Peekamoose, July 7, 11am–4pm
  • Neversink Farmers’ Market, August 11, 11am–3pm
  • Claryville Church Hall, August 25, 11am–4pm
  • Sundown Church  Hall, September 15, 11am–4pm