Our next Portraits and Stories takes place at Farmers’ Market in Neversink. Coming from the Ashokan area, I didn’t realize how the two watershed communities could be so different. It took us a year to figure out how to connect with the people in Rondout Neversink watersheds, but according to Karen Rauter, Program Coordinator at Rondout Neversink Stream Program, this letter “really struck a chord as being a need in the community.”

Dear Members of the Rondout/Neversink Community,

Greetings. I’m Keiko Sono, director of Catskill Waters, a public outreach initiative sponsored by Rondout Neversink Stream Program. When we set out to start this initiative, our primary goal was to encourage stewardship for a healthy stream system in the watershed. While this still remains our focus, we have been inspired by the personal stories and the fabric they compose to create a community. As a result, we are producing several community art projects that give the real voices a platform to be shared with the world.

One of our artists, Jenny Lee Fowler, is known for her intricate cut-out portraits and scenes. She will be available in several locations to cut profile portraits of you while she and staff will listen to and record your stories for our library and possible inclusion in our podcast. The interviews will also be archived in Time and the Valley Museum.

Catskill Waters is a celebration of the spirit of the Catskills, a community of people with a deep connection to the land and an independent yet cooperative mind. We hope you’ll share your stories and join the movement of building strong local and regional communities as a backbone for our society.

Dates and Locations

Catskill Interpretive Center, June 23, 11am–4pm

Blue Hole, Peekamoose, July 7, 11am–4pm

Neversink Farmers’ Market, August 11, 11am–3pm

Claryville Church Hall, August 25, 11am–4pm

Sundown Church  Hall, September 15, 11am–4pm

Best Regards,

Keiko Sono, Director