Outdoor skaters Richard Rellingh and Rob Saffer share their love for the local pond

This interview took place in April of 2016 but was never published until now. Rick and Rob are long time skaters of wild ponds and lakes, both very conscientious and protective of nature and the environment. In this 3-part video (total 28 minutes), they share their views on a range of topics including safety, privacy, land ownership, stewardship, and joy of outdoor activities. Although they agree on the big picture, their stances regarding publicity of wild spots like the pond in the background are at opposite to each other. Their gentle disagreement, still united in their gratitude for such a treasure, is a snapshot of the balance and tension found nationwide around land-use and ownership. The Catskills has managed to maintain this fragile balance so far in a combination of unspoken etiquette, private agreements, official regulations, and local traditions. Will this balance last forever?