Project Notes

  • This project aims not only to produce final art works, but to establish meaningful exchanges of information and ideas. The project website serves as a forum for all participants and audiences.
  • Throughout the entire process, the importance of documentation is emphasized. Each artist is trained to document his/her interaction with the resident in video and audio recording. The footage will be used in the final documentary.
  • By listening to the property owners, the artists gain first-hand knowledge regarding the body of water on their properties. The collected stories/information are reported to RNSP, and whenever possible, RNSP makes recommendation for each property based on the Steward Principles. If applicable, artists are encouraged to incorporate these recommendations in their artworks. A video artist, for example, could create an animation of how such recommendation would impact the land. This would not only inform the property owner, but also educate the public in general about the stewardship.
  • The scope of this project is local and global. It parallels the physical trajectory of water— beginning in the mountains and ending in the kitchens of NYC apartments—connecting intimate stories of water stewards in the Catskills with the global challenge of securing safe drinking water for everyone, by sharing the information and the process with the global community online. Multiple language translation (Japanese, Chinese, and French at the moment) is firmly in the plan.
  • The nature of the project also takes after the nature of water: fluidity. The coordinator possesses ample understanding for the need to stay flexible and adaptable in orchestrating a public art project. The learning happens in multiple directions.
  • The project gains its full potential if/when exhibited in NYC, as it is about their drinking water. A concentrated effort will be made to publicize this project online to the NYC residents throughout the entire duration of the project. We are also in contact with several professionals, groups, and organizations who are addressing the waterways in the city, about the possibility of merging our projects together. This would be particularly impactful, as we would be demonstrating the two-way flow of the Hudson Valley in human creativity.

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