Little One and the Water

Will Lytle a.k.a. Thorneater is producing a children’s book based on Little Beaver Kill, a stream that runs near Woodstock, new York. We documented the assessment process, conducted by the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program, which found Little Beaver Kill to be one of the healthiest stream in the area.

Will attended a few educational sessions with the stream specialists of the program, to assure the accuracy of the information. On top of that, he also hiked almost the full length of the stream, before he came up with the story and image for his long-held dream: making a children’s book.

He is in production through early August and we plan to publish it in September, when the AWSMP is organizing a string of events to celebrate the Ashokan Watershed Month. Sign up for our newsletter so we can notify you when we schedule a book reading event.

Will Lytle a.k.a. Thorneater in doorway to his hand-built house