Artist’s Reception—You are invited!

Sundown is about collaborative creation of artwork between two unlikely individuals in an unlikely place. Chris Victor is an artist who creates installations and sculptures with various materials including found and discarded objects. He rarely exhibits outside of galleries, and museums. 

Paul Hnatiw moved from Manhattan’s Lower East Side to Sundown when he was a teenager in the 70s. He served in the Air Force before working at multiple jobs, landing on a position in the prison system that lasted for ten years until he retired last year. He now runs his small seasonal store in a popular camping and hiking section of the Catskills in upstate New York. His store is the only gun-and-convenience store in the entire county.

Chris will be installing a site-specific artwork outside of Paul’s store, partly using materials found around the store. He’ll be recording their conversations, which will cover a wide range of topics, from Hurricane Irene to the meaning of art.

On Saturday, July 27, we’ll be hosting a reception at the store. If you’re in the area, come for an afternoon of art, food, and a dip in Blue Hole! Please note that you must obtain a free permit from the NYS DEC site, at least 24 hours in advance but no earlier than one week, to enter Blue Hole.