Don’t Use the Chemicals!

NYSDEC (New York State Department of Conservation) has tons of useful information on their website. This video showing the importance of using zero phosphorus fertilizer on your lawn is timely for the spring gardening season.

Of course, using compost instead of fertilizer, reducing lawn by adding beds, or replacing grass lawn with herb or edible ground cover is always a better choice.

Amphibian Migration Alert!

As the temperature climbs above 40˚F and early spring weather brings in rain, we’ll see forest amphibians emerge from the soil and travel to their breeding pool, often crossing roads and pathways. Luckily for us in the Hudson Valley estuary watershed, there is a program designed to coordinate citizens’ effort with collecting data, mapping, and protecting amphibians in their treacherous journey. It is called Amphibian Migration and Road Crossing Project, part of a larger Hudson River Estuary Program supported by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Read more “Amphibian Migration Alert!”

Rondout Neversink Stream Program

Rondout Neversink Stream Management is our sponsoring organization. They take on engineering projects that prevent erosion and maintain water quality, as well as public outreach to spread information on good stream management practice.

Most of the time, the two merge together as it is impossible to separate people for the land. We humans project all kinds of emotions, values, and beliefs to the land, sometimes leading us to wrong decisions that harm the environment or sometimes ourselves. People at RNSP understand the importance and challenges of communication with the landowners. This is why they work with community educators and creators to build programs that go beyond the ordinary communication. This is why we are working on Catskill Waters together.