Amphibian Migration Alert!

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Amphibian Migration Alert!

As the temperature climbs above 40˚F and early spring weather brings in rain, we’ll see forest amphibians emerge from the soil and travel to their breeding pool, often crossing roads and pathways. Luckily for us in the Hudson Valley estuary watershed, there is a program designed to coordinate citizens’ effort with collecting data, mapping, and protecting amphibians in their treacherous journey. It is called Amphibian Migration and Road Crossing Project, part of a larger Hudson River Estuary Program supported by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Anyone can volunteer to take part in this program by downloading this instruction and collecting data. It takes a bit of motivation to venture out on a wet, cold evening, but it’s an experience that enriches your life, opening a door to secretive life of these woodland creatures. It is also a sobering experience, bringing the sheer number of casualty up close. You would never drive on a wet spring night casually again—mixed blessings of being a concerned human being.

The program was recently introduced in NY Times.


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