Our Sponsors, Our Community Program Guideline


Thank you for your interest in our program. To participate, please follow the instruction below.

1. Access our Prezi presentation. This online presentation is self-explanatory and easiest way to present to our potential sponsor. It’s a good idea to click through every page using the arrows to familiarize yourself with the material before you approach a business.

2. Download our Sponsorship Kit. This file contains more detailed information than Prezi. Please print a few sets of hard copies and leave one with each sponsor, or give them the link.

There are two different kinds of sponsorship benefits: one with tickets to Autumn Banquet and one without. Sponsors are welcome to choose either one (these benefits are included in the Prezi).

3. Play this podcast introduction, if possible.

4. After sharing the information on Prezi, you can take donation on the spot by going to this link. Click “Donate Now,” enter the amount for the desired tier, and have the sponsor enter their credit card information. (Note: if they want to attend the event, this is the link to make donation.)

They can also write a check. Important: it must be made payable to Fractured Atlas, with Catskill Waters in the memo section. Send us the collected checks in mail.

5. When you get a sponsorship, whether they are paying online or by check, shoot us an email and let me know which sponsor was your choice. When you raise $150, you’ll receive a comp ticket. (Don’t be restricted by this—we would love you to raise more if possible, or if you just can’t reach $150, no worries.)

6. Don’t forget to take photos of the business owners. If you have an Instagram account, post with a hashtag #catskillwaterssponsors with a brief story about them. If you don’t, email us your photos with the story.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits including tickets to our Autumn Banquet

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits without tickets to Autumn Banquet

Donation page with tickets

Donation page without tickets

CW Sponsorship Kit(pdf)

CW Podcast Intro (SoundCloud)