Our Sponsors, Our Community Program

Our region is full of creative and independent-thinking entrepreneurs. They are also our friends, parents of our children’s friends, hiking buddies, and emergency volunteers. We are a local economy that has an intangible layer of social capital overlaying the conventional monetary system. During times of uncertainty, social capital increases value while financial capital tumbles.

One of the less visible goals of Catskill Waters is to increase this layer of social capital while securing the baseline with money. This is why we don’t ask artists for donations and pay them when appropriate and possible, as we seek ways to maximize our social capital by co-creating shared experiences and building trust.

Our Sponsors, Our Community Program was born of this line of thinking. To participate and earn a ticket to our Autumn Banquet, choose any local businesses that you feel are vital members of our community. Share information about our project and ask them to sponsor us, using our sponsorship kit. Snap photos and share on instagram, and tell us a short story about them. They will all appear here. They may also be included in our video projection at our events. To participate, read our guideline.