JoJo Ans

I photograph with a pinhole camera. The images are exposed on film, and printed in platinum/palladium. “Primitive” by today’s standards, this traditional technique is a conduit between the past and the present.

I can’t frame the photos; I can’t see what they will reveal. It is as if I stand in a place between the practical and the mystical. With the long exposure time, and the slow process of making the prints, I stand against the rushing tide of instant gratification.

So in using this camera and process, collaboration begins between nature, the camera, and myself. Since the print is processed in sunlight, I am not confined to the darkroom; also not confined to what I think, but guided by my intuition, the environment, and surprise.

I also contemplate the archival permanence of the prints and the impermanence of what I capture. These photos are revelatory moments, a border-state awareness. The images themselves are not artificially created, but caught in a moment of transition, a time-lapsed moment. Thus conceiving a dialectical relationship between the craft and the unconscious.

Jojo’s website


Border States

Pinhole Portraits



Tri-Valley Central School

This is a gallery of photos by students from Tri-Valley Central School in Grahamsville, New York. On April 28, students from three classes—photography, digital storytelling, and conservation—left their classroom and spent a day in Rondout Creek, learning about various techniques in stream assessment, fly-tying, and nature photography. These photos are from that day, taken by six budding photographers.

Brianna Olsen

I believe that art can be found in the most complex, or simplest of places. From the tallest skyscraper to the smallest flower, any of these things can be captured in a way that presents them artistically. Any creative thinking that went into any item we see can be interpreted as art. However, as a soon-to-be high school graduate, and a freshman at the Maine College of Art, I personally prefer to look to nature as my muse. The trip that we took to document the Watershed was a wonderful opportunity. It allowed me to learn new things while getting an outlet to express my creative side. For a nascent artist like me, it is truly exhilarating to express that facet of myself, and to show others that as well.

Montana Sherwood

I am Montana Sherwood a 17 year old girl , I attend Tri-Valley high school. I decided to go on this trip because I believe that raw nature is a beautiful thing. The beauty behind the scenes is magnificent, the missed place leaves and flowers that are just all over the place , they just do there own thing.


Ashley Lawrence

I am Ashley Lawrence, I am in my senior year of high school at Tri Valley Central School. I will be attending SUNY Sullivan next year for Special Education.


Austin Congelosi

My name is Austin Congelosi and I’m an 11th grader at Tri-Valley who enjoys Track and Field and Soccer.


Autumn Whitney

My name is Autumn Whitney. I am 16 and in 11th grade.I enjoy nature and running.


Nicole Beach

I’m Nicole Beach and I am a senior at Tri-Valley High School. I am going to attend Orange County Community College in the fall and I plan to study exercise studies for 2 years.


Craig Barber

I am a photographer who travels and works using antiquarian processes and focuses on the cultural landscape.  During the past 20 years I have focused my camera on Viet Nam, Havana, and the Catskill region of New York State, documenting cultures in rapid transition and fading from memory.  My work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America and is represented in several prominent museum and private collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; the Brooklyn Art Museum; the George Eastman House, Rochester, NY; and Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, among others.  I have received several grants including from the Seattle Arts Commission, the Polaroid Corporation and the New York Foundation for the Arts.  In 2006 Umbrage Editions published my book, “Ghosts in the Landscape:  Vietnam Revisited.”

Working the Land

There are still those who continue a close relationship with the land and all it has to offer:  hunters, farmers, woodsmen, gardeners, foragers.  I want to recognize and honor these individuals and their committment, in a seires of portraits in their working environments.

I have chosen to work with the tintype process for it’s feeling of timelessness and it’s aesthetic connection to an era when we were all closer to the land.

Sites Unseen: Rural America

Landscape of my youth

Working farms and small towns
Summer playgrounds and hunting camps
Open space

Now fatigued
Some reclaimed
Most not

Dreams let go
Economies shifted
Struggles lost

The Earth Abides




Kelly Sinclair

Following in my mother’s footsteps, I began taking black & white photographs in high school and continued the study of photography at college. I discovered color photography after switching over to digital, but black & white remains my passion. I love being in nature and take my camera with me on my daily walks. The images I take reflect my love for the Hudson Valley and the solace I feel being in nature and I attempt to capture the inherent stillness and beauty in the details. I’ve recently begun a series of portraits of women in their 50’s.

My photographs have appeared in Chronogram magazine, the HudsonValley Guide, Black & White magazine and the Catskill Mountain Region Guide, as well as at the Wilder Gallery in Catskill, NY.

Kelly’s Etsy site

Great line-up for this year’s Anglers’ Symposium in Claryville! ...

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September is Ashokan Watershed Month! At @catskillwaters event yesterday, @thorneatercomics read from his brand new children’s book, Little One and the Water. The story is based on a child walking up the Little Beaver Kill in Woodstock, one of the healthiest streams in the Ashokan Watershed. The book’s illustrations were informed by @ashokanstreams assessments, @hudsonialtd ‘s habitat maps, and Will’s own experience walking the stream. The event also included a documentary on stream assessments and panel with Allison Lent from Ulster County Soil & Water Conservation District and Leslie Zucker from @cce_ulster , moderated by @keikosono . #ashokanwatershedmonth #ashokanwatershed #esopuscreekwatershed #upperesopus #ashokanstreams #littlebeaverkill #awsmp #thorneatercomics #littleoneandthewater #artandscience

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This bundle from #portraitsandstories is headed out to for the @catskillwaters event today, 9/22, 4-6pm. Catch a documentary on stream assessment and @thorneatercomics new book. Hope to see you there! #oralhistory #silhouette #silhouetteportraits #communityart #watershedstories #catskillwaters

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We’re on the cover of Almanac!!
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Also last weekend, AWSMP and the Golden Notebook bookstore in Woodstock hosted local artist and now author Will Lytle as he read from his AWSMP-funded children's book "Little One and the Water." If you missed this event there will be another chance to see Will and Keiko Sono of @catskillwaters at this Sunday. For more information on this and other Ashokan Watershed Month programs please visit our website
#ashokanwatershed #ashokanstreams #book #childrensbooks #goldennotebook #nycwatershed

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Catskill Waters director Keiko Sono shared her stories about the project with @iwantwhatshehaspodcast on @radiokingstonny
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Finally, and for real this time, my interviews with @keikosono and Claudia Abbott-Barish 🙌🏾 Keiko and I talk about art, why it’s important to her and how it helps her to make connections with and for community and our environment, AND lots more including how she lives permaculturally (I may have made that word up 😳) and universal basic income, ya know, small talk. Then in the second half of the show Claudia sheds some much needed light on restorative practices, how her work now in this field has become her chosen form of activism, and the art and importance of listening and giving everyone an opportunity to be heard. I could listen to these women share their wisdom for days! Podcast is up, link in bio ☝🏾 Radio Kingston archive will be up soonish ...

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Don’t miss out! The first 50 copies are free! Come to our reading+ panel+ Q&A with stream specialists this Sunday. Catskill Visitor Center in Mt Tremper, 4-6pm ...

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From the @catskillwaters #portraitsandstories series. Ronan, 2018. #silhouette #freehand #drawingwithscissors #communityart #oralhistory #catskillwatershed #profileportrait

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Come see more silhouettes and listen to interviews by project director @keikosono from our @catskillwaters Portraits and Stories adventures last year at Will Lytle @thorneatercomics will be reading from his new book, Little One and the Water, and you can see the documentary about a stream survey by the Ashokan Watershed Stream Assessment Program that highlights the important work that his book is based on. Sunday, September 22, 4-6pm, 5096 Route 28, Mt Tremper, NY. #hudsonvalleyauthor #silhouettes #customportraits #portraitsandstories #streamecology #knowyourneighbors #knowyourwatershed #oralhistory #hudsonvalleyevents

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Thank you to all who came to our reading!! It was so much fun. His hand-bound books are still available at the book store. See you again next Sunday at the Catskill Visitor Center.
#catskills #catskillstreams #littleoneandthewater #nycwatershed #ashokan #ashokanreservoir

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Little One and the Water Book launch this Saturday, 9/14, 4:30-6pm at the Golden Notebook in Woodstock. Free prints giveaway.
#thorneatercomics #littleoneandthewater #catskills #childrensbooks #streams #nature #catakillwaters #littlebeaverkill #ashokanwatershed #nycwatershed #ashokanreservoir

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Free give-always!
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We are beyond excited to launch Little One and the Water, the first children’s book by the local favorite @thorneatercomics. The details of the illustrations are phenomenal. He is really channeling the high spirit of the Catskills in this work. We are giving away a limited number of copies. Stay tuned. Sponsored by @ashokanstreams.
#thorneatercomics #catskillwaters #catskills #upstateny #littlebeaverkill #streamecology #childrensbooks

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Thank you, Chris Victor, for amazing work!
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Going...going...gone. #catskillwaters #cvforcatskillwaters #sitespecificart #sundown #hurricaneirene #mixedmediaart #chrisvictor #sculpture #contemporaryart #fineart

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So grateful to @instagrampadon and Victoria for talking on mic for our podcast. They added a valuable angle to this multi-layered story. #sundown #nystateparks #upstateny #nycwatershed #catskills #contemporaryart #catskillwaters ...

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Sadly, this is the last week to check out Sundown, the piece will come down Friday. The podcast continues with episode 3 about to launch. #catskillwaters #cvforcatskillwaters #sitespecificart #sundown #hurricaneirene #mixedmediaart #chrisvictor #sculpture #contemporaryart #fineart

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Missed this one from a few weeks ago. Thank you so much @instagrampadon!
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This weekend, Victoria and I were lucky enough to attend the unveiling of this Hurricane Irene-inspired art created by @ceevictor, which was displayed just across the road from our cabin in Sundown, NY. (Hurricane Irene had a devastating effect on the communities in this area, and was as resonant a subject of inspiration as can be imagined.)
#art #sculpture #hurricaneirene #sundownny #upstateny #peekamoose #chrisvictor #cvforcatskillwaters

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Our projects in this phase might be winding down, but our journey has just begun! We are brainstorming our collaboration with artist Giulia Mangoni @gmangoni on Isola del Liri - Catskills connection. IdL is known for the biggest waterfall in Italy and abundant water. Stay tuned!
#catskills #isoladelliri #contemporaryart #community #communityart #catskillwaters #giuliamangoni

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This Saturday, it’s Jenny’s turn! We’re showing all the portraits she created in the Rondout Neversink area along with the sitters’ interviews. Much looking forward to seeing everyone who shared their stories. From 5 to 8, at the Neversink General Store.
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All framed up and ready to go! Please join us for an Artist Reception for @catskillwaters Portraits and Stories August 3, 5-8pm, @neversinkgeneralstore in Neversink, NY. I’ve had the honor of working with @keikosono and residents of the Rondout and Neversink areas over the last couple of years cutting portraits and gathering stories from the watershed. Check my bio for more info and podcast links. #silhouette #portraitsandstories #profileportraits #oralhistory #catskillwatershed #rondout #neversink #hudsonvalleyart #jennyleefowler #communityart #silhouettist #livinghistory #historicalart #silhouetteportraits #catskillwaters

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Installing. Sundown opens this Saturday 3-6 #catskillwaters #cvforcatskillwaters #sitespecificart #sundown #hurricaneirene#mixedmediaart #chrisvictor #sculpture #contemporaryart #fineart

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Paul and Barbara showing me a pic of flooding from Hurricane Jeanne in 2004. #catskillwaters #cvforcatskillwaters #sitespecificart #sundown #hurricanejeanne #mixedmediaart #chrisvictor #sculpture #contemporaryart #fineart ...

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Dave Hebb

Dave Hebb is a visual artist and educator working primarily with photography and video in the Catskill region of New York State. His work explores how our external surroundings can both shape and reflect our inner states of being. By examining the interactions between the forces of nature and the systems and artifacts of post-industrial infrastructure and culture, he portrays a range of psychological and metaphysical metaphors for the individual’s relationship to the world at large.